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Jon Moxley talks about what could happen if AEW fails

Jon Moxley

  • Dirt McGirt

    I really enjoyed Lucha Underground because everything they did fit within the world of Lucha Underground. Whereas when we watch WWE, we’re supposed to think we’re watching real life, Lucha Underground was different. Lucha Underground was like if wrestling was a movie and not bound to the laws of the real world. Now if you still didn’t like it, that’s fine; not everything is for everyone. But I’m not sure if everyone realized that. As for Fenix coming back to life, the phoenix always comes back from the dead. The reason Lucha Underground died was because they were on a terrible network the I’m guessing 90% of people didn’t even know they had and the show had very high production costs. If they had been picked up by AXS or Paramount, they would have been fine. However, since Robert Rodriguez, one of the executive producers, owns El Rey, the chances of the show ever moving to another network are slim and none.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I don’t always agree with you, but when you’re right, you’re right, and this is one of those times.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I was fine with that stuff, because it was all at least consistent in direction. It took place in a completely fictional world, with magic powers and evil cults.

  • Speaker of the Truth

    My only problem with Lucha Underground was the ridiculous story lines. For example Katrina having magical powers that make her disappear and all of these other story lines that make the wrestlers look like they have super powers. Like Fenix coming back to life after he was supposedly dead. That I could have done without. Then again look what happened to Lucha Underground. No new seasons have been planned and looks like it will eventually be cancelled.

  • Rinn13

    For AEW to be a “wrestling renaissance”, they need to focus more on character building, consistency in the face/heel department, and putting more emphasis on wrestlers bringing unique personalities AND wrestling styles to the ring, meaning that not everyone should be the “cool edgy guys who does flips”. They need more technical wrestling, and characters setting themselves apart in how they act and move in the ring.

    Also, if Moxley truly wants to be a part of long-term AEW success, he needs to stop pushing for the kind of CZW “hardcore” garbage that he came up on pre-WWE, and more on putting on actual good matches and storylines. One area I think WWE and AEW BOTH could learn a thing or two from a company like Lucha Underground, is how they approached actual storytelling, in storylines, in feuds, and focus on actual characters. In LU, Fenix and Pentagon Jr., for example, had very distinct characters and story arcs. In AEW, they’re just one of many “edgy high flying tag teams”, with thus far nothing that really sets them apart, outside of masks. LU had a dedication to “season long” story arcs, and really progressing characters and feuds in an organic way. Both major companies now could really learn from that kind of focus, and both seem to lack much care for character building or continuity.

  • jedi

    The more he opens his mouth the less I like him…