Jon Moxley WWE Return Bombshell Revealed

WWE Royal Rumble Premium Live Event recently took place and the event saw some major surprises. It usually witnesses several returns. The former WWE star Chris Jericho was speculated to make his return to the company and another name which floated was AEW Jon Moxley(formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE) It was recently noted how Chris Jericho decided between WWE and AEW.The former AEW World Champion was in talks with WWE about the comeback but that did not materialize. It seems Jon Moxley could return to the company.



Jon Moxley could return to WWE

Billi Bhatti of Dirty Sheets podcast recently revealed that Moxley was also in talks for a massive comeback to the company.

Bhatti said [as transcribed by Wrestling-Edge]:

“WWE had an agreement with Chris Jericho to come in and [work] the Royal Rumble. They made the agreement ages ago. Roman Reigns had a private conversation with Moxley[Jon Moxley] and then had a conversation with Vince[Vince McMahon] and WWE wanted to change Jericho for Moxley.”

“They promised him a good run as they would be in runners up spot in the Rumble which was very much respectable. Because it was seen as a opening the door[forbidden door] to start the things up with Moxley, AEW was not interested in it and subsequently Chris Jericho didn’t want to do it anymore as AEW didn’t want Jericho to do it anymore.”

He then stated that WWE wanted someone ‘better than Jericho’ which did not sit well with the AEW star. It was also noted that Moxley’s contract will run out in four months. It seems that he might be switching back to WWE as they reportedly want him to face Roman Reigns.

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