Jon Stewart Drops Trump Dementia Bombshell

Jon Stewart recently took a shot at former President Donald Trump for getting one key detail wrong about his “cognitive test” when trying to “capitalize” on President Joe Biden’s age via Mediaite.



During Monday’s The Daily Show, Stewart accused Trump of “tripping over his own d**k” every time he tries to knock Biden over his age. The comedian first mocked a video of Biden watching paratroopers skydiving in which Stewart said the president appeared to be “seemingly staring at what can only be considered ghosts.”

“I guess the election has basically boiled down to each candidate accusing the other of having soup where there should be brain,” he said.

Both candidates, he argued, provide “plenty of fodder” for age criticisms.

“As for Trump, basically it’s Trump tripping over his own dick anytime he tries to capitalize on Biden’s age,” Stewart said, introducing footage of Trump from a recent Turning Point USA event.

Stewart has joked that the former president used the event to argue he’s the “sharpest tool in the shed.” However, the argument doesn’t hold.

During his talk, Trump blasted Biden and bragged about passing a cognitive test, crediting his “doctor,” Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX). Only instead of Jackson, he said “Ronny Johnson.”

“Acing that cognitive test is a great point if only his doctor was actually named Ronny Johnson and not actually named Ronny Jackson. He got the guy’s name wrong on his cognitive test!” Stewart said.

He joked Trump may actually be correct about the name going forward under “MAGA law.”

“The sad thing is, under MAGA law, his name is now Ronny Johnson,” Stewart said.

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