Jordan Myles addresses WWE status, Jay Lethal, and more

The Jordan Myles story continues to grow, as the NXT Breakout Superstar tackled his career moving forward in a Q&A. After calling out WWE for a t-shirt design, Myles took to social media to quit the company publicly.



We’ve heard from many different sources and sides of the story, even claims that the company had big plans in store. Sadly, we’ll never know what they were, as Myles is looking for a different home.

On his Twitter account, Myles took part in a Q&A to answer questions from his fans. When it came to what was next, Myles looked to Japan.

New Japan, not that I got anything against AEW, but New Japan. I love New Japan. I feel like I got a lot more left to accomplish here.

When asked if he was legally able to move past the WWE, he kept it short.

Legally, no. Mentally, yes.

One fan brought up Jay Lethal, leading to Myles stating that there’s no beef on his side.

There’s a huge story behind it, and to be fair and respectful, I won’t disclose that story. I won’t throw more salt on his name than I already have. Any issues between him and I…now that it’s out there, I’m cool, I’m straight. It is what it is, you know what I mean?

But our beef is our beef. There may not be any beef, to be fair. There ain’t no beef on my end. I said what I had to say and I’m done. It’s out there in the public eye. If anybody wants to know, your best bet is to ask him or ask around. There were a ton of people around.

You can check out the full video below. He also addressed the rumors regarding his mental health, what he misses from NXT, and those who inspire him.

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