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Jordan Myles possibly fired by WWE

Jordan Myles was involved in a lot of controversy regarding a racially insensitive t-shirt made by WWE, which looked like blackface. He had issued a public apology. He was also away from WWE owing to non-medical issues. Now it seems his time with the company is over.

According to a report by Brad Shepard, WWE actually released Myles. His source in the company did not have anything good to say about him either.

A source in #WWE noted ACH was actually fired and referred to him as “insane.” #NXT

As seen in the video below, Myles said he quit the company. No official statement regarding his release has been given by WWE as of yet.


  • CC

    Booker T has pretty much said the same thing. It is a tricky line you walk as a white guy talking about a topic like this as many would try to claim racism and “you don’t understand” etc, but to have Booker pretty much say exactly the same thing certainly gives credence to this guy actually being damaging to race relations and ethnic culture.

  • Wicka Steve

    Completely agree. I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but when you hear someone like ACH go off like he did, it makes me think to myself, “yea, I can see where white supremacists come from.”

  • CC

    This guy has serious issues, and this is not the first time he has pulled stuff like this.
    When the shirt story first broke, many people sided with him but took issue with the way he attacked Jay Lethal for no reason (calling him an Uncle Tom), but after his latest outburst he seems to have zero support from anyone, no matter what colour their skin is.
    The guy is burning his bridges with everyone. He already called RoH racist, and now it is WWE.
    He also seems to forget that his “slave name” is one he came up with himself.

    People like this guy put race relations back a hundred years as what he says does nothing to help anyone.

  • Dirt McGirt

    After his racist Twitter rant, yeah, he is clearly insane. What an unappreciative entitled piece of garbage he has shown himself to be. I will stand beside anyone to fight against racism, but when you start insulting your employer, calling yourself a slave, and referring to “the culture”; forget you, you black supremacist. How dare you try to compare yourself to people who were used as farm equipment under threat of death? We are Americans. We ALL share American culture. Anything else is divisive and racist.