Jorge Masvidal Attacks Ben Askren In Photo

Jorge Masvidal is currently one of the top UFC stars but is also one of the most outspoken and controversial ones to boot. Jake Paul also previously leaked a bad series of Jorge Masvidal texts.



Jorge Masvidal was one of the celebrities who made an appearance at UFC 264. Another celebrity who appeared at UFC 264 was former President Of The United States, Donald Trump. It seems he quite likes Jorge Masvidal.

Recently, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington allegedly got in a fight at a Miami restaurant, where even police called. It was then said that Jorge Masvidal broke one of Colby Covington’s teeth and that Covington suffered some abrasions on his wrist. It was then added that Colby Covington filed a charge against Jorge Masvidal, citing battery.

Ben Askren is certainly no stranger to Jorge Masvidal, as Askren essentially made Masvidal the star he is today thanks to the instant-flying knee win during their fight. Ben Askren recently took to his Twitter and attributed Jorge Masvidal’s sneak attack on Colby Covington to “anger/insecurity issues.” He also points out that Masvidal’s excuse/reasoning that Covington trash-talked his family has no weight as Masvidal himself has done that on numerous occasions in the past. Masvidal then uploaded a photo/video attacking Askren as a ‘dork.’ This can be seen below.

One person who keeps championing his dream of seeing a super fight between Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor is retired MMA star, Chael Sonnen, as he would state the following during the UFC 272 post-show. Credit to GiveMeSport for the following.

“Jorge Masvidal is the second biggest draw in this sport, Jorge Masvidal is the BMF champion, Jorge Masvidal just signed a new contract. That means one thing – his next fight is going to be the main event. He had better get used to five rounds because he doesn’t particularly love them.

He would continue: “He’s got unfinished business with Leon Edwards who is possibly tied up for a championship fight himself, but I gotta remind you, the entire reason Conor McGregor did the 170-pound experiment is because Dana White said ‘Jorge Masvidal is too big’. Conor does not agree. That fight can happen.”

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