Jorge Masvidal Attacks UFC Star At Restaurant

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington allegedly got in a fight at a Miami restaurant, with police called.



UFC President Dana White is known for a lot of things and being a fan of crossover MMA and boxing promotions is not one of them. He had previously prevented UFC legend Georges St-Pierre from fighting boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya at Triller Club because St-Pierre is under contract with the UFC. Donald Trump also demanded Dana White pay UFC star a lot of money. 

From the start of 2012, UFC has been going after illegal streamers of its events. In 2014, the organization was able to successfully hunt down a supposed pirate and sued for him $12,000. Almost ten years later, the company is still very much against piracy in general. However, according to Dana White, it comes with its fair share of risks as well.

Dana White recently spoke on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast where he shared some of his experiences dealing with alleged illegal streamers. Dana White revealed how he almost died because of an illegal streamer after he received tons of death threats.

“This is a true story. (We were in) Memphis, Tennessee, and we were doing Lookin’ For a Fight,” White recounted. “We were doing this wrestling thing and, a guy on that street, I put his bar out of business. And they were threatening that if I walked out, they were gonna shoot me.

“If I walked out and did this f—ng skit we’re gonna do for Lookin’ For a Fight, they were gonna shoot me.”

White added that the UFC spends “millions of dollars a year” for their anti-piracy efforts. And while he recognizes the difficulty of considering how “kids are way ahead” of the game, he added that getting caught is not worth the risk.

“The kids are way ahead of it. You have to be persistent, and you have to go after people. You can put that thing on the f—ng TV that says ‘If you get caught pirating this event…’ it’s a different story when you f—ng get caught.”

Harrison Carter
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