Jorge Masvidal Drops WWE Bombshell

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has been involved with pro wrestling in the past when he made his debut in AEW alongside  American Top Team. During his recent appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast he stated that he is not a WWE fan. Here is what he said:



“No, not much. I know some of the bigger names and characters, but I wasn’t a big WWE fan.”

Jorge Masvidal talks about UFC deals

During the same podcast, ‘Gamebred’ recently gave fans an insight to how the UFC deals with contract negotiations. The welterweight superstar recently signed a massive contract extension ahead of his UFC 272 clash with Colby Covington. He revealed what the process looked like.

“We’re locked up till it makes sense kind of to them. If they said, ‘This fight is gonna generate us X, Y, Z dollars, yeah, let’s do it. We’ll put a fee on it.”

However, Masvidal pointed out that contract negotiations may vary from one fighter to another. Given that ‘Gamebred’ is one of the company’s top stars, he said the UFC offered him a huge contract to prevent him from entering free agency.

“My contracts all across the board are a little different. My particular one I signed [was] a five-fight deal and there’s a clause on that for time and if I was like to deny fights for a certain amount of time then it could be extended. I’ll tell you something, if I fight out these like – it’s five for five – once I get to four fights before I become a free agent, they will throw a lot of money on my face before I hit the free agency market. For every fighter, it varies and it’s different. Mine might not be the same [as] the next guys next to me. They might [have] f***ing thrown a s***load of money to me because they don’t want me to be a free agent.”

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