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Josh Mathews Comments on Backstage Fight In WWE, Why He’s Not Interested In Returning

– During Monday’s RAW, former WWE announcer Josh Mathews replied to a fan who asked Mathews if he would be interested in returning to WWE and replacing Byron Saxton. Mathews defended Saxton and said he’s not interested in WWE because he wants to start calling wrestling matches again.

Another fan asked if Mathews really has no interest in returning to WWE. Mathews replied:

“no, I wouldn’t. PLEASE stop thinking those of us in that biz have zero options. I WORK TV. NOT WRESTLING.”

A few minutes later, a fan wrote that they would like to see Mathews vs. JBL. Mathews replied:

“pretty sure @JoeyStyles already beat that dude up.”

Mathews was referring to reports of Joey Styles knocking out JBL while WWE was on tour in Iraq in 2008. The story was that JBL had been hazing and bullying JBL the whole tour, leading Styles to snap and deck JBL. JBL was left with a black eye and a cut under the eye.

  • claud3giroux

    Its not a real problem all his answers are sarcastic, something you clearly dont get.

  • oppa

    JBL was the only person in WWE that JBL hadn’t had a chance to bully yet.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah, but how’s working on a show that’s not wrestling at all going to fix that problem for him?

    WWE had even less wrestling, and even more random promos and backstage segments in the sacred attitude era, for what that’s worth, too.

  • JIm

    No he was saying that wwe is to much show not enough wrestling. Its getting dumb I don’t blame him for leaving

  • Keith Learmonth

    I love how his answers are completely contadictory.

    “I want to call wrestling matches again”

    “I don’t work in wrestling, I work in TV”.

    So… he’d take a job doing some random TV show, where he won’t call matches, but won’t take a job with WWE where he’d at least be working in an industry he enjoys.

  • mustang

    Jbl needs to calm down..its not good to bully yourself like that.

  • yo

    Good for styles

  • CC

    JBL was bullying himself?