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Journalist calls out Rock for his old Saudi Arabia tweet, Rock responds

The Rock

The Saudi Arabian controversy has become an international crisis in just a matter of few days and now the Rock has also been dragged into this conversation.

6 months ago, the Rock made a post from his Instagram account about having dinner with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and the Hollywood star called it a pleasant experience.

Oliver Darcy who is a CNN reporter uncovered this post and tweeted the Great one about it, saying that his Instagram post didn’t age well:

Replying to it, the former World Champion said that he is surprised Oliver will post this and called it a silly and clickbait post, asking him to go back and read his words:

Oliver responded to this post as well and accused the Great One of playing a role in Prince’s PR campaign and asked if his views have changed with time:

The Rock has not responded to this tweet yet but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he releases a statement. We’ll keep you posted if he replies to the tweet.

  • Wicka Steve

    The only thing anyone needs to learn about saudi arabia is that they are just as bad as North Korea, except they have a better PR department. They need to be destroyed.

  • Soulshroude

    Salman has a platform, yes. It doesn’t mean that the Rock is kissing his *ss, though… no. Dwayne is correct, people really need to listen and learn. I’m sure that the Rock isn’t a sympathizer.