JR Blog: Bret Hart Update, RAW Guest Hosts, Lawler’s Memphis Race

Here are some highlights from Jim Ross’ blog on Saturday at www.jrsbarbq.com:



– It looks as if as many as one dozen candidates may run for Mayor of Memphis including several professional politicos. The African American vote in Memphis will be critical for Jerry Lawler and his opponents. From what I read in the Memphis media, some of the black candidates may divide a large segment of Memphis voters which might enhance the King’s chances of winning the election. Nonetheless it will be a daunting challenge for any candidate to win the October special election without an established, clear cut favorite and, unfortunately, it may be the candidate who spends the most money on TV and radio ads that “buys” their way into running the city of Memphis. The current Mayor is leaving office but will enjoy, from what I understand, an approximate $90K annual pension of which the Mayor of Memphis earns after one term in office or so it was told to me. The King has tremendous name identity in his home town but his path to City Hall won’t be easy and is going to require using a great deal of “shoe leather” and pressing the flesh and spending virtually every waking minute working on his campaign. I haven’t talked to Jerry in a couple of weeks but likely will soon, in Philly at the Night of Champions, and will be interested in seeing how his campaign is going.

– I got a nice email from “Hitman” Bret Hart a day or so ago and he is moving around very well with his new knee that replaced the original equipment several weeks ago. Bret is spending time in Calgary this summer and we were hoping to get together when WWE is in Alberta in a few weeks but that looks iffy due to our respective schedules. Bret and I stay in somewhat regular contact and I know he’s been keeping an eye on the Hart Dynasty which are now appearing regularly on Friday Night Smackdown.

– I’m beginning to like the guest host business for Raw more and feel like there are many WWE HOF’ers, for example, who can talk and who would be great “one off” hosts of WWE’s top television priority, the home of the “A Listers,” Monday Night Raw. Certainly celeb’s who have projects to promote are viable candidates and especially those that are fans of the genre such as Seth Green last week in Orlando and ZZ Top coming up this Monday from North Carolina State University.

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