JR Blog: Chyna in the WWE HOF, Being Booked for WrestleMania, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights from this entry:



– Wrestlemania is a complex time for many talents. Some fret about either not being on the card or being thrown a bone to simply make an appearance ala a battle royal, etc. That’s never been my personal philosophy. Being booked on Wrestlemania is an earned honor, a privilege, and not a performer’s right.

Then there are those who are booked and who are not in what one would perceive as ‘high profile bouts.’ My suggest is to go out, maximize ones minutes, and do everything possible to turn heads and steal a small aspect of the show.

– So Trish Stratus endorsed Chyna for the WWE HOF. That’s Trish’s opinion. I’m sure Chyna’s name might come up some day. My thoughts on that matter is and will always remain that I felt it was wrong for Chyna to wrestle men on a regular basis and that her being the Intercontinental Champion was bad positioning. Does that mean that Chyna isn’t WWE HOF worthy? That’s not for me to speculate on as I am not in the decision making process of the WWE HOF.

– Fans that have extra Wrestlemania tickets won’t have any trouble selling them in Atlanta. This is the toughest ticket internally to get of any Wrestlemania that I can recall.

– WWE All Stars is released next Tuesday March 29 and is going to hopefully be a big hit. For those of us that have spent many hours working on the project, we have a vested interest in this over the top, Arcade game that allows the player to book the greatest matches that never happened. Plus, I had a blast reuniting with the King again.

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