JR Blog: CM Punk’s Promo on SmackDown, Maria and Dolph’s Angle, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog this weekend on jrsbarbq.com. Here are the highlights:



– Favorite Boston wrestling memory…Austin vs. HBK with Mike Tyson involved. Plus working one event at the old Boston Garden and making that trip with the late Gorilla Monsoon. When thinking of Monsoon, I have wonderful memories of a great man. The wrestling business in general needs more people with Gorilla’s character, respect and integrity.

– I don’t know why I should have vilified Maria on Friday Night Smackdown as some have suggested via their emails. What has she done wrong? Date an arrogant wrestler? Wow, she would be the first to ever do that, right?

– Another person wanted to know why I wasn’t harder on C.M. Punk via our commentary over the promo Punk did Friday night on Smackdown. Honestly, Punk’s remarks were filled with truths. Certainly one can make an argument that Punk’s delivery was a little pompous but that’s a subjective opinion too. I can assure you that Punk means what he says about abstinence from smoking, recreational drug use, and drinking alcohol. I sure as hell can’t argue his basic points.

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