JR Blog: Edge’s Return, Couples in Pro Wrestling, More on Kurt Angle’s Arrest

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights:



– Let me make it clear that Angle has not been convicted of any thing. I never even mentioned the allegations regarding alleged physical abuse to a woman which, by the way, I do not believe. The issue is that when external factors adversely affect one’s life and when one’s life is under such a professional microscope and is overly scrutinized there are times when one simply needs to take him or herself out of the game for a while to regroup.” Ross continued, “I remain steadfast that I believe Kurt Angle to be a good hearted human being but I also believe that sometimes that he can be his own worst enemy. Many of us have that propensity. The drive it takes to create an Olympic Champion can be both a blessing and a curse.” He said he hasn’t spoken to Kurt Angle in several years, but still feels like he knows the man well and wants Kurt to take time off to assess his life.

– In light of the recent public love triangle between Jeff Jarrett, Kurt and Karen Angle and now Angle’s weekend incident with TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan, Ross talks about the pitfalls ‘wrestling couples’ often encounter. “I often times see wrestling couples hooking up and I truly feel empathy for them … with the exception of a minority of examples, ‘wrestling relationships’ are usually bound to implode which then adversely affects the locker room and often times forces many within said locker room to ‘choose sides.’ Choosing sides in a matter such as this isn’t good as the only ‘side’ a wrestler should have is the ‘side’ of the company that pays them their pay check.

– Edge is scheduled to begin rehab on his Achilles ankle this week after undergoing extensive surgery five weeks ago to repair a torn tendon. The Rated R Superstar won’t be 100% for around six months, which puts him on track for a return around the Royal Rumble. Ross wrote, “I hope Edge is back in time for WM26 in Arizona. Time will tell as no one can absolutely say one way or another at this time when Edge will be cleared to go 100 percent and there is no sense in coming back to the ring until then.

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