JR Blog: HBK’s Return, Shaq as RAW Host, Steve Austin’s Tax Issues and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com from yesterday. Some of the highlights…



– Spoke with Jerry Brisco Tuesday afternoon while “in hurry up and wait mode” in Richmond. Jerry’s doctors are extremely happy with the HOF’er’s progress and expect him to make a full recovery from heart surgery after a few months rest. Having three months off sounds pretty intriguing to me but having to have heart surgery to facilitate such hopefully isn’t in my cards. Jerry’s speech and strength are making a big comeback!

– Shawn Michaels celebrates birthday # 44 Wednesday and our very best wishes go out to HBK. There is rampant speculation that Shawn will return to WWE in time to compete at Summerslam but I have yet to hear that confirmed. HBK returning at Summerslam would be my guess but I just can’t be sure at this time. Michaels is still, arguably, the best in ring performer in the business today.

– Much has been made of the Steve Austin tax matter resulting from the sale of some property. Knowing Steve as well as I do, and we have not discussed this particular matter, I would assume that this is merely a clerical error and someone on the accounting or Realtor end dropped the ball. Austin is one of the most obsessed individuals I know regarding saving money and taking care of his business the right way. Austin “got it” when I used to preach to the wrestlers about saving their money, preparing for their future, getting professional financial planning and income tax help and not living beyond their means IE pay one’s bills and don’t buy too much bling. Trust me, Steve Austin won’t have any issues taking care of this $22K matter that I suspect simply fell through the cracks. I can tell you from personal experience and from dealing with accountants that things like this have happened to many of us and more often than not, if one is diligent in this area, these matters are simply oversights. Austin shares my philosophy and that is to NEVER “mess” with Uncle Sam and the IRS.

– Helluva coup for Raw to nab Shaquille O’Neal as guest host this Monday night in Washington D.C., the day after Night of Champions in Philly. Shaq should be tremendous as his personality, like the rest of him, is huge. Shaq has been a long time fan and he once told me that he DVR’ed Raw every week so that he could keep up with what was happening especially during his NBA season. Shaq has an upcoming reality show that ABC is going to air this summer which will likely get some “stretch” come Monday night. The big fellow is a legit good dude let me assure you. Could we see Shaq in the ring Monday night? I don’t know but I do suspect that the Cleveland Cavaliers would likely not be overwhelmed. I suggest the Cavs send King James to D.C. to chaperon. LeBron is a big wrestling fan too. Nice tag team.

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