JR Blog: HHH vs. Lesnar at Summerslam, Not Enjoying NXT Announcing, and More

Jim Ross is back with another new blog entry, here are some highlights.



Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam: I was talking to WWE HOF’er Jerry Brisco Friday on my way back from his stomping grounds of Stillwater and we got to talking about HHH vs. Lesnar at Summerslam. We both agree that the match will likely be off the page thanks to the personal issue that is brewing and the fact that both men will be of the mindset to steal the show. I expect a smart, physical contest from two men who are comfortable in the spotlight and with pressure on them to deliver in a big way.

Some athletes thrive being in the cross hairs of the audience especially when the lights are their brightest while other main event level talents have been known to occasionally wilt under the pressure of main eventing a major PPV.

I will say that the broadcasters who get the opportunity to call the HHH-Lesnar bout will have every thing provided them to make the match a classic.

On not enjoying NXT: Anyone who thinks that I might actually not enjoy broadcasting a few NXT bouts and helping the young talents achieve their goals is pet coon goofy. It’s d— near insulting to think that I would rather stroke my own ego and appear on Raw or Smackdown each week rather than help a great team of young people grow as professionals and, hopefully, contribute to the long term success of the company of which I am loyal.

Best Olympic athlete ever: Easy…Jim Thorpe..arguably the best athlete ever. Do your research.

Best story of the week: Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas just signed a $90M contract with Kellogs and this is after her single Mom worked three jobs before the Olympics to provide for her family.

How many cowboy hats do I own? Not sure why this is asked so much but I own several. Most are of the Resistol 200X variety as I’ve in directly promoted @resistolhats on national TV for years and years and I assume that they’re not even aware of it.

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