JR Blog: HHH as Referee, His New Travel Schedule, Cole as a Manager and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has a new blog entry up over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:



– Throw HHH into the mix as the special referee and one has the ingredients of an unpredictable Summer Slam main event that likely will have many twists and turns. I fully expect a wide variety of emotions to come out of this show.

– I hope to say hello to Steve Austin while we’re in LA but if I don’t I’ll see him next week in Connecticut when we narrate three of his greatest matches for his late November DVD release.

– How do I like my new travel schedule? No worries whatsoever. I now leave a little earlier for my destination and have ceased taking the ‘first flight’ out’ when returning home. Being around all the WWE personnel on the day of a live show is a blast.

– Do I think that Michael Cole would make a good manager? He probably would if WWE decided to go that direction with Cole. Cole’s TV persona is easy to dislike and he would likely garner plenty of antagonist attention to whoever he mentored/managed, etc.

– What are my thoughts on the Cena/Punk issue? I’ve enjoyed it and feel it has legs beyond Summer Slam. I also know that we’ve gotten tons of feedback from many older fans who have reinvested their TV time into Raw since this matter has begun. Personally, I love reality TV in general and this issue feels extremely reality based to me and, apparently, to many others as well.

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