JR Blog: HHH-Nash at TLC, Michael Hayes as an Announcer, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:



Ross on Mark Henry vs. Big Show at TLC: “World Heavyweight Title where chairs are legal. My guess is that the Champion and World’s Strongest Man retains his title. I hope that these two can top their most recent PPV bout which I felt was an outstanding, super heavyweight contest. I could see this match ending somewhat suddenly given the talents involved and the added element of chairs.”

Ross on Triple H vs. Kevin Nash: “Don’t overlook these two, established veteran stars. Both men will want to make great accountings of themselves where a sledgehammer hangs above the ring and can only be reached by using a ladder. Expect to see the ladder used in a multitude of offensive ways in route to the sledge finishing one of the two former Kliq members. I have HHH winning at TLC. With all the main event experience both men have, I am of the belief that this can be a potential show stealer.”

Ross on Michael Hayes as a color commentator: “PS was exceptional and knew all the nuances of how to be a villain, had great timing, and, most importantly, knew how to embellish the personas of every performer on TV whether they be ‘friend or foe.’ I enjoyed our days together with Cowboy Bill Watts’ UWF. We had a bitter on air rivalry but never allowed that to interfer with our story telling and making talents bigger stars.”

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