JR Blog: Jeff Hardy’s Departure, Rey Mysterio’s Suspension, Dusty Rhodes & More

Jim Ross posted a few new blogs on jrsbarbq.com over the weekend. Here are some of the highlights:



– I mentioned that I was personally disappointed in Rey Mysterio’s Wellness Program Suspension. That was and is true. Many of us have worked diligently to help make Friday Night Smackdown a better broadcast and have made an emotional investment in the show that ranks under Monday Night Raw in recognition and priority. Nonetheless, Rey was and will be again someday, a vital part of the success of the Friday night program. Mysterio is a legit Superstar that no company can snap their fingers and seamlessly replace. However, as one who has seen “it all” in this business and as The King has so often said, one can’t grieve forever. Any time one door shuts in the wrestling biz another door opens. It’s up to those still are still waiting in the wings or on the cusp of earning “their big break” to step up, be proactive, and turn heads whenever they get some “playing time.”

– I don’t know any the details of Rey’s suspension and there are multiple tales floating around the internet regarding this matter. If Rey is suspended for 30 days beginning next Wednesday, how could he perform in two weeks at Breaking Point? Just do the math as I wasn’t “breaking a story” or “leaking any information” regarding this untimely and unfortunate matter. Rey Mysterio is a phenomenal star who will definitely be missed but as has been said for generations, “the show must go on.”

– Also, just for the record and to educate those that have it all figured out, a main eventer way back in the day, pre PPV era, might earn a six figure, annual income of which 99% came from the live event gates. Top, WWE stars these days, with all the income sources available, can easily earn &100K per month, all in.

– The “Dream interview” on Monday night Raw is for Guest G.M. Dusty Rhodes, a life long Texas Longhorn fan, to verbally interact with Jack Swagger, an alumnus of Oklahoma University, Texas’ hated rival. Plus, both men have speech impediments which might severely challenge the person who handles the “closed captioning” on Monday Night Raw. I look for Dusty to do a great job on Raw because when Legends get the chance to stand in the spotlight one more time the great one’s, and Dusty is a great one, usually take advantage of their opportunities.

– Jeff will be away TFN for a much needed sabbatical, for the lack of a better term. I think Jeff is being very wise in taking some time off of a business that has no official off season unless one makes one for one’s self. Jeff has a myriad of interests outside wrestling which is also smart for any performer. No one should be one dimensional in their life and those that eat, sleep, and breath their jobs usually find that formula not to be healthy over the long haul.

Jeff has spoken of being a part of a reality TV show in the past but that is still in the talking stages as I understand it and may or may not ever be green lighted. Nonetheless Jeff Hardy has earned the time to do what ever he chooses and enjoy life while allowing his body to heal and recover. It’s all about recharging one’s batteries of which I have always endorsed for all talents.

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