JR Blog: Jeff Hardy’s Reality Show, Dennis Miller Hosting RAW, Bret Hart, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:



– The talented and caustic Dennis Miller says that he will be the guest host of Raw sometime this year. I doubt if that Monday Night Football thing will be addressed and hopefully not Miller’s exploits on the O’Reilly Factor but if allowed to be the performer that he is I can see Miller providing some stinging verbal jabs. I could easily see Miller, in character, as one of the most “despised” hosts on Monday night’s show as in someone who would embrace Randy Orton or more importantly a young antagonist like Jack Swagger or The Miz.

– I hear that the previously discussed Jeff Hardy reality show is still on the drawing board pending, I assume, the results of Jeff’s legal entanglement being resolved. From what I hear, the Jeff Hardy reality show concept is not dead.

– Loved this email…what’s most likely to ocur…Bret Hart appearing on WWE TV or Fedor signing with UFC? Easily it’s Bret Hart making an appearance on a WWE show as I never see Fedor signing with UFC under the ridiculous terms of his recent contract demands.

– I expect the Reverend Al Sharpton, therefore WWE, to garner a ton of pub from Reverend Al’s Raw appearance Monday night. The post Raw comments from media talking heads all over the country will be significant as Sharpton is a lightning rod for publicity and his voice has been heard at the forefront of many controversial topics. I can easily see where Reverend Al Sharpton might become the most controversial guest host to ever appear on Raw. From Cedric the Entertainer to Reverend Al Sharpton is quite the segue of diverse personalities.

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