JR Blog: Missing SmackDown This Week, His Contract Status and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights from this entry:



– Many folks have gone into business for themselves regarding me taking a rare, off day from the Smackdown TV taping this week in Lexington, Kentucky. I guess because I had not requested a personal day off in my 16 years in WWE and never before in my career with WCW or any one else that this became a bigger deal than it should have on a slow, “news day.” I wanted to properly celebrate my wife and my 16th Wedding Anniversary…plan and simple. Any one who is reporting any thing other than this is exposing themselves as being affiliated with a lame website and are inept, gossip mongers.

– So, regarding my professional status, any thing else you read other than what I have said here is manure. I don’t break commitments and I am smart enough to not violate the terms of my contract with whomever I’m employed. My WWE contract expires in December, I don’t even know the exact date, and I expect to sign a multi year deal with WWE when schedules permit for us to sit down and to hammer out a deal that is a win/win. If we don’t hammer out a deal, I have no issues taking the holidays off, focusing on Family, BBQ and Football and then reassessing other career moves. The only thing that I can say is that “retirement” is NOT an option as there is still plenty of fuel left in my tank and that I can assure one and all.

– Sorry to hear about the passing of Captain Lou Albano, WWE Hall of Fame Manager and former member of the Sicilians tag team with Tony Altimore. Lou was a true “character” who was a decent wrestler but gained huge fame in the WWE explosion of the 80’s as a manager. Lou appearing in a Cyndi Lauper music video back in the day was nice exposure for Lou and WWE and put Captain Lou into pop culture awareness. Lou had many stints in WWE but always “came home” and we wish his family and friends our utmost condolences. The Good Lord has his hands full keeping the Captain in check in Heaven.

– Speaking of “Naitch,” some emailers have asked me my thoughts regarding the Hulk and company tour of Australia coming up soon. Why would I have any issues with it? I am for all wrestlers to earn the best income that they can no matter where it may be. I would love to see Hulk and Ric tag rather than wrestle each other but that’s simply one guy’s opinion. If wrestling fans are entertained and the talents earn a fair wage, then who loses? I wish them success.

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