JR Blog: Monday Nights Shows, HBK’s New DVD, Womens Wrestling

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:



– I am not going to analyze the Monday night wrestling sagas of last night for many reasons. One, I’m not unbiased and two, there is PLENTY of analyzing going on from wrestling websites that do that sort of thing for a living. It can be said, however, that those fans who are yearning for longer matches and more matches in general on TV are likely still yearning. Plus, and finally, some people forget apparently that they are producing ‘episodic’ television.

– We’re still getting emails from peeved fans about my stance on women’s wrestling. For those who love to rant, not read and not pay attention to what I have said, let’s try this again. I am a fan of women in wrestling. I hired some major, female stars in my time. You can ask any female that ever worked on our roster and they will tell you that they were never disrespected by me. But, still, it is what it is. Women are currently positioned in the wrestling biz in a support role and one could easily make an argument that women in the wrestling biz, as a whole, are somewhat underutilized.

– Fans of HBK or wrestling in general should grab the new Shawn Michaels DVD that is available today (Tuesday). I’ve seen it, I love it and it brings back a truck load of memories. I only wish I had been available to be the one interviewing Shawn for this project but that apparently wasn’t an option. Buy the DVD and I promise that you will love the amazing array of bouts that, arguably, the best in the biz today, performed in on a high level even when he was a hot headed kid. I remember Shawn from his first territory and even remember the big Cowboy fining Shawn right after Shawn made his Mid South debut for inadvertently missing a TV taping because he did not know that EVERYONE came to TV whether their name was on the booking sheet or not.

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