JR Blog: Morrison vs. Kidd on Superstars, DX’s Upcoming Book, Shaq and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights…



– It was good seeing Shaq Monday while in D.C. taping the lone, SD bout for WWE Superstars, that was excellent BTW. Shaq was his regular, friendly self who had a legit fun time at Raw and enjoyed being around the talent. I was pleasantly surprised at how lean Big Shaq was which must mean that he is eagerly anticipating his season coming up with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Big Fellow really looked in excellent, physical condition. Shaq is a natural born performer and a true fan of WWE which all seemed to come through clearly to me on the Monday evening telecast.

– The John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd bout this Thursday night on WGN America’s WWE Superstars is a helluva wrestling match especially considering the overall youth of the participants. Kidd can get it done and Morrison is a future, perennial, PPV main eventer, unless I’m dead wrong on both these young men. Food for thought: Kidd vs. Mysterio some day down the road is golden.

– I read where the PPV in Philly wasn’t sold out but there were no complimentary tickets for the talent on Sunday and from the numbers that I saw all the tickets were sold. Perhaps some folks no showed but the seats were sold or so I was told. The live gate was near $900K which would buy a bunch of brisket.

– Speaking of books, I did some writing work on an upcoming book about DX that really brought back some memories from years gone by and not all of them were pleasant ones. I am under the impression that this book will be released this fall but I could be wrong on that. DX were heat seeking missiles back in the day and rubbed many folks the wrong way. They were at the forefront of the “Attitude Era” in WWE and it will likely never be duplicated. Some of the behind the scenes stories regarding the fall out over many of the actions and antics of the DX faction should make for an provocative and fun read.

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