JR Blog: Rey Mysterio’s Suspension, Tonight’s SmackDown and Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross is back with another blog update on jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights…



– I was hugely disappointed to hear of Rey Mysterio being suspended for violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. That’s a real head scratcher but it will open the door for some young lions to take their game and the perception that goes with it to the next level including Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison just to name a couple.

– Jerry Lawler did excellently when debating his opposition on live Memphis TV Thursday night. The King is a great talker and to show you how serious he is about this race Jerry actually wore a nice looking, dark blue suit, a starched, white shirt and a striking, red tie. Girlfriend Renee must have had a hand in Jerry’s TV attire. You might ask what is the big deal with Lawler wearing a suit but if you knew how much he detested “dressing up” you would better understand my point.

– Don’t miss the C.M. Punk-Jeff hardy Steel Cage match for the World’s Title on Friday Night Smackdown on MyNetworkTV. You will legitimately be PO’ed with yourself if you miss it so, at worst, set your DVR.

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