JR Blog: The Rock’s Promo on Cena, Possible JR Podcast, Edgy PG

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update over on jrsbarbq.com. As always, here are some highlights from this entry:



– The Rock’s on line promo that can be found on Rock’s Facebook page and at WhoSay.com or by doing a simple Google search is reminiscent of some of the great, Attitude Era Rock promos back in the day. Rock learned to talk big time trash at ‘The U’ which is the University of Miami for those that don’t know and then Rock refined it in WWE. This promo is highly entertaining and comes with a truck load of passion. Strongly suggest that you watch it. Sure brought back great memories for me.

I’m curious as to where Rock plans on ‘whipping John Cena’s ass’ prior to Wrestlemania. I hope that I don’t miss that physical encounter. As fun as it is to follow the two WM28 adversaries ‘tweet off’ It’s obvious that to build WM28 into the huge hit that everyone involved wants that @TheRock and @JohnCena must physically engage before April 1, 2012. When, where, and how is TBD but I, as a fan, certainly am excited about the possibilities.

Let the speculation begin that @TheRock may blow up the proceedings at Summer Slam. Hell, as far as I know it could be this Sunday on PPV at MITB. The only thing that I know conclusively is that if Rock said he was going to do something then it will happen.

– I’ve been approached by a major, national company about doing a weekly podcast. I’m thinking it through but I can assure you that IF, and that’s a big IF, I do a weekly podcast they won’t be of the 60-90 minute version that some wrestling websites do at times. Sorry, but for me that’s just too long for me. Stay tuned.

– Point is that PG means different things to different people. I thought Raw was definitely PG money night even though there was some ‘edgy’ language but not edgy enough to make one want to run the kids out of the room. I don’t see a return to PG 14 for WWE and would advise against if if asked but the edgy, more strategic PG we’ve seen on Raw recently has entertained me.

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