JR Blog: Ryback Receiving Goldberg Chants, If He Is Still Employed, and More

Jim Ross posted his latest blog, here are some highlights.



Being At SummerSlam: “Watched Summerslam in the THQ suite and did not miss announcing the show whatsoever. Loved watching the crowd and listening to them as well as the suites had no WWE video or audio. There’s no better marketing tool or focus group than the paying customers.”

Ryback receiving Goldberg chants: “Irony…Ryback gets @Goldberg chants (which I have no issue with) and gets knocked by some of my Twitter followers @JRsBBQ because his singlet is airbrushed ala RVD as if that’s a mortal sin. At the same time, the higher skilled Dolph Ziggler is compared to HBK, Billy Gunn and Curt Hennig because of his hair, attire, and in ring moves but that’s o.k. Too many fans have zero patience when it comes to the slow build for Ryback. Some fans want immediate results or so it seems. God forbid that they would have lived in the territory era when some main event programs lasted a year or more while some stars were built over a 12 month or more period of time.”

If he is still employed by WWE: “Yes I’m still employed by WWE, Yes, I love working in the talent development program, No, I don’t miss not being on Raw every week, Why, because unless you do it, air travel 51 weeks a year is a pain in the backside with security lines, oversold planes, the overall lack of customer service by some airlines, etc. For those that truly believe that I feel I’ve been ‘demoted’ because I’m broadcasting NXT and not RAW, you are sadly mistaken and misguided, trust me.”

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