JR Blog: the Steiner Brothers, JBL in the WWE Hall of Fame, Big Show and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com this weekend. Some of the highlights:



– Yes, I feel that HBK will be back in WWE action soon, as do most. Furthermore if Shawn’s schedule is properly managed he can continue to contribute at a high level for several years to come, if he so chooses. My opinion is that in the upcoming years that a HBK at 75% is better than the vast majority of the men who earn a living in the wrestling biz today.

– So some don’t think JBL deserves consideration for the WWE HOF some day. I disagree but dissenting opinions are o.k. on this site.

– Todd Pettingell memories….very talented guy….made great money working part time for WWE…was a good on camera talent…got burned out with pulling double duty with NYC radio station WPLJ/WWE and parted ways with WWE. I thought Todd was a funny guy but that he was never an over the top wrestling fan. That’s not a sin either. Todd did help get Michael Cole hired to his first WWE contract, FYI.

– My thoughts on the Steiners is that they were one of my favorite, all time tag teams and they were as dominate as any duo of their era. They had brotherly chemistry as a unit and always seem to be most comfortable as a tag team. I loved their toughness and athletic abilities plus they had “it” as a team back.

– No, I don’t dislike Big Show’s new look. So he might look like the World’s Largest “Amish” Man but so what? Seriously, I really like Jericho and Show together and look forward to seeing their weekly escapades. I assume that this team will continue to make appearances on both Raw and Smackdown.

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