JR Blog: WWE-Lesnar Rumor, Future RAW Guest Hosts, Piven and the Divas, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights…



– From what I’m told, Entourage’s Jeremy (Ari Gold) Piven was a decent guy to be around and was allegedly working the WWE Divas hard in securing contact info. Nothing wrong with that for a healthy, young, single man who enjoys being cool and shaving every 3rd day or so. I was told that Piven was easy to work with and seemed happy especially after he got Kelly Kelly’s phone number. That’s the word on the street. I feel a TMZ story in the air.

– What in the hell is up with Miz. I honestly felt that Miz had “something” going for him but obviously folks MUCH smarter than I apparently see Miz’ persona differently. Some day Miz could end up on SD as Todd Grisham could use a young, hip color commentator and Miz is very glib and topical.

– Stone Cold and John Cena, as I understand it, are both in Vancouver working on projects, Austin started filming is second film of the year Wednesday while Cena is in Vancouver filming an episode of USA’s Psyche. USA should use any many WWE Superstars as is feasible and not just the top guys for their original programming as exposure of that magnitude will help elevate young talent when is the name of the game or at least it better be. It will be interesting to see if Austin and Cena make time for a cold one while working in Vancouver but my guess is that isn’t likely to happen with both men working under deadlines. Austin is hoping to film on more movie before the end of the year if all the details can be worked out.

– It looks as if Monday Night Raw is evolving into an action adventure/variety show with the eclectic, upcoming selection of names being thrown about to guest host the WWE’s top TV priority. Bob Barker will love meeting the Divas, Reverend Al will get his message out there no matter what it may be that week but never think that Al Sharpton won’t be entertaining. Rev Al has the old, Vince McMahon hair style. None of these names are confirmed but I read of them on the internet so they “must” be true. Rev Al would have made a helluva wrestling manager back when the biz was old school, pressed fans buttons and before it got too hip and sophisticated. Somehow I have a challenging time ever thinking that “John Q. Public” will ever look at pro wrestling as sophisticated. But that’s not a bad thing. the NFL isn’t sophisticated and neither is UFC. So what?

– I read where WWE allegedly Brock offered Brock Lesnar a 7 year deal with $40M guarantee which makes for great copy but isn’t accurate. However I do think that Lesnar’s representatives should craft Brock a new deal because Lesnar won’t be this hot many more times in his career especially in his antagonist role. The more Lesnar wins,shows attitude, and dominates other large and talented human beings, the more popular Lesnar will become. Craft a deal now for the top, villain Lesnar and then, if he can keep winning, craft another deal after Lesnar becomes loved by the MMA world and. yes, that will happen in time.

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