JR Blog: WWE Royal Rumble PPV Tonight, SmackDown and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com this weekend. Here are a few highlights:



– Yes, this year’s Royal Rumble, this Sunday night on PPV, is the most hard to call, unpredictable WWE PPV in a good while. I wish I could be there to call it if for nothing else the Rumble match. This isn’t a company line hyperbole but how I honestly feel. Several men could win the Rumble match and it would make sense. I look for some significant surprises in Atlanta.

– If Davyboy Smith and Tommy Billington ever go in th WWE HOF will it be as singles or as the British Bulldogs? I don’t know but my guess would be as a team.

– Yes..I enjoyed Friday Night Smackdown this week. Hairy chested CM Punk vs HHH was old school good while HBK vs Mysterio was PPV quality.

– Is it really automatic that Undertaker beats Rey in dominating fashion? Nothing is guaranteed.

– Got several text messages Saturday night from many WWE tars who definitely have their game faces on as it relates to Sunday’s Royal Rumble. I expect a strong work ethic to be put forth in Atlanta. Call it Wrestlemania adrenaline.

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