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JR Blogs: Conor McGregor in WWE, Cruiserweight Division Criticisms

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has released another blog on his JR’s BBQ website. You can check out the highlights here:

On Conor McGregor’s UFC 205 victory and WWE rumors:

“McGregor is the ‘King of the World’ right now and would likely be on top of WWE’s ‘hit list’ to be a future Wrestlemania celeb participant. He’d likely cost them ‘Tyson Money’ to get the deal done but it’s obvious that the talented Irishman is a businessman who covets the big money. Nothing wrong with that by the way, Plus, Conor sells tickets and PPV’s.”

On the WWE Cruiserweight Division:

“Still continue to read where some pundits and fans are growing impatient regarding how fast WWE is establishing their new, Cruiserweight division. I need to see more of the talents outside the ring and to get to know those that actually possess a personality suitable for prime time TV. I am all for his grouping of athletes but many folks need to simply develop that rare trait known as patience when dissecting this matter.

“Much like the brand split, I think that it will be April 2 in Orlando at Wrestlemania before we can truly and intelligently evaluate the success, or not, of that venture. When we see what each brand donates to the WM33 card, we will be better suited to declare our thoughts on the brand separation….at least that’s my two cents.”

On his Sunday Toronto show:

“We have some tickets left for this Sunday’s RINGSIDE show in Toronto at, and at the Second City box office including the day of our event. The doors open at noon this Sunday for VIP ticket holders amd at 2 pm for everyone else with the show starting at 2:30 and being over by 4 pm to allow everyone attending the Survivor Series plenty of time to make the easy walk from our venue to the ACC. Hope to see you there if you are in Toronto for this bodacious weekend.”

  • MrDr3w

    It’s sports entertainment. In-ring performance is only a small part of being a successful WWE superstar. You need both charisma AND in-ring ability, but I’d say that your charisma and your backstory matters more in the WWE. This isn’t the indies, where a match can go on for as long as the wrestlers want and everything is left in the ring. There are time constraints that have to be met, so match quality will have to suffer. Also, theoretically, the only thing they’re really trying to sell is their PPVs, so i would argue that match quality on RAW and SD isn’t as important as building up storylines in order to sell the PPVs. Those special events should be reserved for the great matches, with everything before that being build-up.

  • CC

    I don’t get at all what he is saying with the cruiserweights. Not everything has to be a bloody soap opera. Just let them do their talking in the ring, with minimal drama. What Kendrick is doing is perfect. His heel persona isn’t overblown, and has managed to do more in a few small interactions outside the ring to make himself as a viable heel in matches, than 90% of the main roster do with over long promos and interactions.