JR Blogs: Fans Cheering AJ Styles, The Miz & Renee Young Story Angle, More

Former WWE announcer and Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has released another blog on his JR’s BBQ website. You can read some highlights from the blog here:



On fans cheering AJ Styles:

“It seems easy to predict that by year’s end, if not before, that AJ Styles will be WWE’s most popular in ring star as the grass roots feedback that AJ is receiving from WWE fans should resonate as legit, market research. It’s hard for highly skilled, physical talents who do amazing athletic things, like AJ and Neville, for example, to be able to get the fans in mass to boo them. What’s not to like?”

On realistic storylines that don’t end up paying off:

“Talents involved in reality based storylines will often times register with the TV viewer but will also become afterthoughts if there is no clear cut road to a ‘pay off.’ I.E. will Renee Young eventually get physical with Maryse? I’d watch as many of us enjoy the occasional ‘train wreck.'”

On his upcoming RINGSIDE event:

“Tickets are still available for our RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Shows in January including Thursday night January 12 in Phoenix at Stand Up Live with tickets available starting at $25 at standuplive.com. We also have a big weekend planed in San Antonio during Royal Rumble weekend as I will be appearing at River City Wrestling on Friday January 27 at the Turner Club in Kirby, Texas and then we will be presenting RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show at the Improv at River Center which is an easy walk to the Alamo Dome where WWE will present the Royal Rumble. Tickets for our RINGSIDE show in San Antonio are available at rivercitycomedyclub.com. Our Improv show is a matinee that sees our VIP event going from noon-2 PM, doors for our show at 2 PM , the show stating at 2:30 and ending at 4 PM.”

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