JR Discusses Working with Lawler, Update on Punk and Heyman

– The latest WWE Classics article from Jim Ross looks back at his broadcast partnership with Jerry Lawler. Here is an excerpt:



“The one thing that I do know is that Jerry Lawler would much rather wrestle than broadcast. Over the years, “The King” may have been, arguably, the most underutilized in-ring talent on WWE’s roster. Jerry’s ring psychology is at the Ph.D. level and he is living proof of the legitimacy of the “less is more” theory that so many young wrestlers today simply don’t grasp.

I’m not sure that The Miz has had any better matches than the ones he had against “The King.” WWE Champion CM Punk’s recent outing on Raw versus Jerry in the steel cage was the highlight of the wrestling content on the three-hour Raw from Milwaukee.

Bottom line is that Jerry Lawler, when utilized strategically, can still deliver a compelling, main event level ring product. If one were to jot down a list of the all-time top performers in the genre and if tenure and success had anything to do with it, then Jerry Lawler would easily make any sane person’s all-time top 10 list.

He’s darned sure on mine.

Most of my fondest memories of broadcasting within the genre of sports-entertainment are with Jerry Lawler sitting by my side. He made me better and complemented my style as well as anyone could. He even helped carry my “cow on ice” athleticism through some awkward, tag team moments that we were thrust into.

I’m asked regularly on Twitter @JRsBBQ if I miss broadcasting Raw on a weekly basis. Well, I don’t miss the travel and being on the road multiple days a week, but I do miss working with my longtime partner and friend Jerry Lawler. When that red light came on, the pyro started exploding and I looked to my right and saw “The King” … all was right in my WWE world.”

– Both WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman have been quiet on Twitter since appearing together at the end of last night’s RAW. Heyman has re-tweeted several comments from fans and wrestlers. It’s worth noting that before Punk returned to the arena for last night’s post-show angle, WWE showed he and Heyman pulling back up in their car to the arena on the big screen. Punk re-entered the arena to a huge pop from the crowd. Several people noted backstage that they expected fans to be upset because Punk didn’t wrestle in his hometown.

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