JR Talks About CM Punk’s Future, The Vickie Guerrero Fat Jokes & Michaels’ Return

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following are highlights:



Vickie Guerrero Fat Jokes: “The volume of emails and Tweets that we have received regarding the ‘fat jokes’ directed toward Vickie Guerrero this week on WWE TV has been staggering. Not all were negative as many fans enjoyed the segments in question and called them ‘laugh out loud funny.’ Other, however, have expressed displeasure and some have provided us with some extreme analogies. One emailer scolded me as if he knew me because I said that the segment did not offend me and that it reminded me of a ‘TV Roast’ and it was the ‘good guys’ having fun with the villain (Vickie G.) The live audience loved the segment or so it seemed to me by what I was hearing and seeing.”

CM Punk’s Future: “CM Punk has natural abilities at the announce table and is the most refreshing new broadcaster to come along in WWE or the biz in general in a long time. Again, I am looking forward to his budding rivalry with John Cena in the upcoming weeks. I can only assume that Punk will focus on wrestling and not announcing but I can also see how he could do both, at least occasionally, on Raw.”

A Possible Shawn Michels Return: “Some have asked about the You Tube video Shawn Michaels recorded this week regarding his arrangement with WWE. I am not privy to that info but I still firmly stand by the fact that I do not see HBK ever wrestling again but he can be a magnificent asset to WWE in a litany of other areas. I also don’t see Shawn becoming a weekly character on a TV show.”

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