JTG Comments on Bryan, Talk Regarding Cena’s Comments, Percy

Partial source: F4Wonline.com



– WWE recently registered the trademark “Showtime Percy Watson” for the NXT season 2 Rookie of the same name.

– SmackDown’s JTG wrote the following on Twitter regarding Daniel Bryan’s release. As of this writing, JTG is the only WWE Superstar besides John Cena who has commented on Bryan’s release. JTG wrote: “B4 I go to bed I wanna give a shout out to NXT star brian danielson.One of the most talented workers in the biz,hope to see you back brother”

– John Cena’s Tweets regarding Daniel Bryan have caused a lot of speculation, mainly that Cena addressing the release on Twitter makes it feel much more like an angle and not a legit departure.

WWE’s whole idea behind putting Cena on Twitter was to push storylines and his character. It’s no secret that WWE officials want their talents to use Twitter as a way to push what’s on TV.

As noted before, some within the company have been feeling like Bryan’s release is an angle and with Cena’s new comments, that feeling among some is stronger than before.

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