Judge Cannon Is Unsealing ‘Damning’ Jack Smith Documents

A significant collection of documents in former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago case is set to be made public following an order by Florida U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon. This recent decision will release several pretrial motions submitted by Trump’s legal team, including a motion to dismiss that accuses special counsel Jack Smith of “selective and vindictive prosecution.”




The disclosure could shed light on Trump’s defense strategy, showing how his attorneys intend to argue that many of the steps taken by Smith, the FBI, and the National Archives to obtain classified documents violated Trump’s civil liberties. The timing and scope of the release suggest that the defense is prepared to argue against alleged irregularities and misconduct in the investigation process.

Trump’s legal team has criticized Smith’s handling of classified documents, arguing that Smith’s attempts to withhold “15 boxes” containing national secrets are unjustified. In November, Judge Cannon reprimanded the prosecutor for pushing a “broad and unconvincing theory” to deny Trump access to the evidence against him.

Additionally, Trump’s attorneys have accused Smith of biasing a grand jury. Former Trump attorney Timothy Parlatore highlighted DOJ prosecutors’ alleged efforts to undermine Trump’s Fifth Amendment and attorney-client privileges, indicating attempts to mislead the grand jury through improper questioning and references.

Judge Cannon’s recent orders to unseal documents provide further insights into the prosecution’s conduct. One batch of documents details a conversation between a Trump codefendant’s attorney, Stanley Woodward, and DOJ prosecutor Jay Bratt, where Bratt allegedly threatened to jeopardize Woodward’s judicial nomination if he did not withdraw from representing Walt Nauta, a Trump associate. The disclosure suggests an attempt to influence or intimidate defense attorneys, raising questions about the conduct of the DOJ during the investigation.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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