Judge Cannon ‘Sweeheart Deal’ For Trump Leaks?

According to a top legal commentator, Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision to remove an allegation from the indictment accusing Donald Trump of hoarding classified documents is seen as a “sweetener” for the former president. The accusation in question involved Trump allegedly displaying a sensitive military map at his New Jersey home, which was removed from the indictment on Monday.



Lisa Rubin, MSNBC’s legal correspondent, expressed this sentiment on social media, noting that the removal of the paragraph concerning Trump’s alleged display of the classified map is advantageous for Trump and his campaign chief Susie Wiles. Wiles, a close adviser to Trump, was reportedly present during the alleged incident.

Judge Cannon’s ruling comes amid a case in which Special Prosecutor Jack Smith accuses Trump of unlawfully retaining classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, and obstructing federal officials’ attempts to retrieve them. Trump, who maintains his innocence, has pleaded not guilty to all charges related to the case.

Wiles, described as Trump’s “de facto campaign manager,” has been a subject of scrutiny, with legal analysts accusing her of being overly favorable to the former president. She has also faced friction with Chief Prosecutor Jack Smith.

Rubin highlighted Cannon’s requirement for prosecutors to provide pretrial notice if they intend to introduce evidence of prior crimes or wrongs, emphasizing the need for justification for such evidence beyond showing the defendant’s propensity to act a certain way.

The decision to remove the allegation from the indictment is viewed as a significant development in the ongoing legal proceedings against Trump, with implications for both the prosecution and the defense.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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