Judge Cannon Unseals ‘Shocking’ Threats From…

In the ongoing legal proceedings against former President Donald Trump, new evidence has emerged suggesting that the Justice Department used strong-arm tactics against the attorney of one of Trump’s co-defendants. The documents recently unsealed by the judge overseeing Trump’s classified documents case shed light on an incident involving DOJ prosecutor Jay Bratt and attorney Stanley Woodward, who represents former Trump aide Walt Nauta.



According to the documents, Bratt allegedly used a meeting with Woodward to apply pressure, suggesting that his representation of Nauta could jeopardize his chances of obtaining a judgeship. Investigative reporter Julie Kelly revealed details of the meeting, where Bratt implied that Woodward’s prospects for a judicial appointment could be affected if he continued to represent Nauta.

The unsealed document recounts the interaction, stating that Bratt told Woodward that he didn’t see him as a “Trump lawyer,” and mentioned that he knew about Woodward’s recommendation for a judgeship in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Bratt then added, “I wouldn’t want to do anything to mess that up,” which could be interpreted as a veiled threat. The document concludes that the DOJ was essentially telling Woodward to “play ball or you have no chance of becoming a judge.”

“Upon Mr. Woodward’s arrival at Main Justice, he was led to a conference room where Mr. Bratt awaited with what appeared to be a folder containing information about Mr. Woodward,” the document reads. “Mr. Bratt thereupon told Mr. Woodward he didn’t consider him to be a ‘Trump lawyer,’ and he further said that he was aware that Mr. Woodward had been recommended to President Biden for an appointment to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.”

The case against Walt Nauta, a Navy veteran and former Trump bodyguard, involves multiple federal charges, including conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding a document or record, corruptly concealing a document, scheming to conceal, and making false statements to federal agents. If convicted, Nauta could face decades in prison and significant fines.

These revelations have intensified criticisms of the DOJ’s approach to the case, with Trump and his supporters arguing that the department is targeting the former president’s political allies. Trump himself spoke out against the DOJ’s actions on Truth Social, condemning the prosecution of Nauta as part of a broader effort to undermine his political career. He also defended Nauta’s character, describing him as a “strong, brave, and a Great Patriot.”

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