Judge Explodes At Trump’s Boy Guiliani In Court

According to Mediaite, the judge overseeing the damages trial involving Rudy Giuliani, a former Trump adviser, strongly criticized Giuliani on Friday for what was described as a “continued and flagrant disregard” of a court order. The trial is centered on determining the amount Giuliani will be required to pay to two election workers from Georgia, whom he defamed during the 2020 elections, following an earlier ruling that found him liable.



U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell highlighted Giuliani’s failure to comply with the court’s orders, emphasizing his deliberate withholding of financial information, which was deemed crucial for the ongoing trial. According to The Hill, Judge Howell’s five-page ruling emphasized that Giuliani’s noncompliance with the court’s August 30th order to produce financial-related documents about his personal and business assets, revenues, income, viewership metrics, and social media data has been a point of concern.

Despite the official trial date being set for December 11th, Giuliani’s failure to meet the September 22nd deadline to file the necessary financial material has prompted the judge to instruct the jury about Giuliani’s deliberate concealment of pertinent financial information. The court is now tasked with determining the appropriate amount Giuliani will be liable to pay the election workers in damages, taking into account his intentional withholding of financial information.

“Giuliani’s continued and flagrant disregard of this Court’s August 30 Order that he produce financial-related documents concerning his personal and his businesses’ past and present assets, revenues, income, viewership metrics, and social media, all of which information is potentially pertinent at the upcoming damages trial.”

Amidst the legal predicaments faced by the former president’s personal attorney, including a criminal indictment in Georgia related to the 2020 election and a sexual misconduct lawsuit, Judge Howell has also highlighted Giuliani’s financial gains derived from his defamatory actions against election officials, as well as ongoing revenue generated by his businesses, which are, in part, linked to the events surrounding the 2020 election and his defamatory claims. This ruling effectively precludes Giuliani from arguing financial insolvency or bankruptcy in the case.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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