Judge Makes Barron Trump Announcement In…

It has been noted that former President Donald Trump gets a win as he has been allowed to attend his youngest son’s high school graduation next month after a New York judge canceled a day of hearings in his criminal trial scheduled for that day via Raw Story.



The former president has been whining since the start of his hush money trial that Justice Juan Merchan had ordered him to attend each day of court proceedings. However, the judge agreed Tuesday to suspend the trial on May 17 to allow him to attend his son Barron’s graduation ceremony, reported Politico.

Trump has complained that Merchan had “prohibited” him from attending the graduation, but the judge stated from the start that he would rule later on his request for court to be adjourned on that day.

The former president has also whined that he had to attend the trial rather than be able to attend a U.S. Supreme Court hearing on his claim that he has presidential immunity from prosecution, or to take part in campaign events.

Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is expected to testify at the trial and has claimed that the ex-president had not attended any of his older children’s graduation ceremonies, although Law360 reporter Frank Runyeon said he had attended son Eric Trump’s graduation in 2002.

“How do I know?” Runyeon said. “I was there. We were classmates at The Hill School,”


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