Judge Merchan ‘Overrules’ Trump Attorneys After…

Trump attorney Alina Habba and Fox News host Jesse Watters had complained that Judge Juan Merchan overruled “every” objection from former President Donald Trump’s defense team. However, it has come to light what happened.



It has been noted that Tuesday marked the beginning of closing arguments in the Stormy Daniels hush money election interference trial following which the 34 felony counts will go to the jury for deliberations.

Following a lengthy closing argument by the defense, prosecutors went on a marathon closing that lasted five hours — more than twice as long as the defense’s.

On Tuesday night’s edition of Fox News Channel’s , Watters and Habba attempted to paint the proceeding as slanted by claiming that Judge Merchan’s rulings on objections were completely one-sided.

“So we’re hearing from inside the court, and you can confirm this, every time defense raise an objection. Overruled!” Watters said, and Habba agreed:

JESSE WATTERS: So we’re hearing from inside the court, and you can confirm this, every time defense raise an objection. Overruled!

ALINA HABBA: Overruled.

JESSE WATTERS: Judge overrules every objection from the defense and sustains every objection from the prosecution!

ALINA HABBA: Yeah, I can’t relate to that at all.

It’s unbelievable! I mean, you’ve seen it. And the way that the visceral reaction that this judge had when we had our one witness come up and he threw the press out, that kind of anger, that kind of TDS, frankly, we saw it with De Niro today.

But that is what we’re challenged with. We’re dealing with people that are either going to believe a story. It was like sitting in make believe land with the prosecution today, or you’re going to listen to the facts.

And the facts took us an hour and a half to break down. There were none. And you’ve got a person that is a complete liar that you’re relying on. It was pretty simple for us. It took them a very long time to try and bob, weave, and make up stories.

JESSE WATTERS: You were there in the courtroom for almost every single day. You laid your eyes on the jury. They’re going to start deliberating tomorrow.

I know we don’t like to make predictions about this. You saw them absorb the closer this evening. We going to get a result. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. What are you feeling?

ALINA HABBA: I don’t feel like, first of all, we can call it a closer when it was five hours, it was more like a long movie that wouldn’t end.

But. No. I think that, honestly, if they do the right thing, and considering that we’re in New York, I think we should get a hung jury.

But like any hung jury, the judge is going to give them an Allen charge. He’s going to tell you to go back, restudy everything. You’re the jury that can do this.

So maybe three days max. I mean, I’d hope so. It to me, should be an acquittal, but I’m not a New York liberal person sitting–.

JESSE WATTERS: Right? Right. Thank God you’re not. All right. Well, maybe by the end of the week we could get some sort of verdict. Thank you so much.

ALINA HABBA: Thank you.

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