Judge Orders Trump ‘Like A Dog’ To…

It has been noted that the first week of former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York City concluded with a power move by the judge. The judge ordered the former president to take a seat—where he remained fuming in his chair until the judge left the courtroom via Yahoo.



New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan was culminating a feisty hour of debate with lawyers on both sides Friday afternoon when he clarified that a contempt hearing—where he might punish Trump for repeatedly ignoring a gag order and continuing to publicly speak threateningly about witnesses and jurors—would commence Tuesday morning.

However, when the judge neared the end of his sentence, Trump abruptly stood up—apparently thinking the day was over. Immediately, Merchan turned his face to the former president and said in a firm voice: “Sir, can you please have a seat.”

His long, black robes dangled from beneath his right hand and he waved it down which was similar to a man addressing his dog. The judge maintains a stoic demeanor at all times and the tone was decidedly sharper than even the one he’d taken when expressing disappointment in Trump’s lawyers minutes earlier.

It is noted that without any second thought, the former President went straight back down into his maroon leather chair at the defense table—and remained for another minute, fuming as the judge gathered his paperwork and strolled toward his chambers.

The judge exited the courtroom while Trump shot up and made straight for the back, furious. He looked straight toward the wooden double doors in back, ignoring reporters in the pews and clicking his tongue as he approached the EXIT sign.

Following the confrontation, Trump’s lawyers made another Hail Mary pass–as they’ve done in every civil trial he’s faced so far. They formally asked the state appellate court overseeing Manhattan, the First Judicial Department, to pause the trial.

They cited what they called “prejudicial pretrial publicity” due to the former president’s own relentless attacks on DA Alvin Bragg Jr., the judge, and jurors themselves, calling the entire trial “an assault on America.”

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