Judge Reveals How Trump ‘Illegally Profited’ After…

Donald Trump is facing troubles from New York Judge Arthur Engoron. Judge Engoron is going ahead with penalizing Trump for his ‘illegal profits’ in the fraud trial brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. James is demanding $250 Million in ‘damages’ as Trump inflated his assets to get additional benefits from banks and insurance companies.



Letitia James is also asking for Trump, his sons, and the Trump Organization be banned from doing business in New York. It will only be a matter of time to see if this does become a reality. There are people in the Trump team who are opposing this by saying that Michael Cohen has already testified, and his claims have fallen flat against Trump.

With the testimony by Cohen falling off against Trump, the Trump attorneys are asking for the case to be squashed. Judge Engoron is in no mood to do so, and according to Gateway Pundit, ABC News reported the appended details regarding Judge Arthur Engoron.

Judge Engoron, in an exchange with defense attorneys regarding the state’s expert witness, said that levying fines against Trump — one of the central issues being decided at this trial — is “clearly an available remedy” despite the defense’s contention otherwise.

Engoron already ruled in a partial summary judgment that Trump had submitted “fraudulent valuations” for his assets, leaving the trial to determine additional actions and what penalty, if any, the defendants should receive.

Engoron’s observation came during the defense’s effort to preclude testimony from the attorney general’s expert witness. In denying their effort, the judge also shot down the defense’s argument that disgorgement — fining Trump for illegal profits — is off the table.

“For reasons this court has explained ad nauseam, that view is simply incorrect. Disgorgement is a clearly available remedy.”

Will Donald Trump have a safe way heading into 2024 Presidential Elections?

Donald Trump has multiple cases against him which include indictment cases too. It means that Trump has even bigger troubles ahead of him even if this case is cleared and comes in his favour. If the indictment charges are proved against Trump then he will have to spend his life in prison.

Trump tried everything in his power to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. He went ahead and even conspired to make things look in his favour. It looks like nothing is going to work for him, and Trump will have a tough road heading into the Presidential elections as the charges are of a higher conspiracy.

Would you like to see Trump get acquitted of charges or do you want to see him behind bars in the cases against him? Sound off in the comments.

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