Judge Reveals If Trump Is Banned From Flying

Insider Parer reported the following:
Trump and his aide Walt Nauta released with no conditions; the judge does not consider them to be flight risks

Former President Donald Trump made a significant legal move as he officially pled not guilty to federal charges during his arraignment in Miami. The charges against Trump include mishandling government secrets and violations of the Espionage Act. With a total of 37 criminal counts, ranging from obstruction of justice to conspiracy and improperly retaining classified government documents, the former president vehemently denies any wrongdoing, a stance he has maintained throughout the investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith.



The arraignment, covered by Fox News, drew attention as Trump appeared in court to enter his plea. Martha MacCallum, a prominent news anchor, confirmed that Trump had pled not guilty to all charges. The news of Trump’s plea quickly spread, sparking further debate and speculation regarding the potential outcomes and consequences of the legal proceedings.

Following the arraignment, Trump is expected to return to his Bedminster resort in New Jersey. It is anticipated that he will address the indictment during an upcoming event, where he will likely present his perspective and defend himself against the allegations made by the special counsel’s office.

The ex-president’s decision to plead not guilty signifies his intention to fight the charges in court and challenge the evidence presented against him. This move sets the stage for a highly anticipated legal battle that will capture the attention of the public and political observers alike. As the proceedings unfold, the outcome of Trump’s case will have far-reaching implications for the political landscape and the future of American democracy

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