Judge Warns Fani Willis Could Sadly Face…

The judge presiding over District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO case against former President Donald Trump in Fulton County may face disciplinary action following her survival of a dismissal attempt earlier this month.



Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee cautioned Willis that she could potentially face a gag order, barring her from discussing the case publicly, as reported by The Epoch Times.

These concerns arose just days after allegations emerged regarding an inappropriate relationship between Willis and special counsel Nathan Wade, whom she appointed to lead the Trump election interference case in Georgia.

During a public speech, Willis invoked the “race card” without presenting evidence of racial bias and criticized a Fulton County Commissioner, as well as others, for questioning her decision to hire Wade.

In these public and televised comments, the District Attorney complained that a Fulton County Commissioner ‘and so many others’ questioned her decision to hire SADA Wade. When referring to her detractors throughout the speech, she frequently utilized the plural ‘they,’” McAfee wrote.

“The State argues the speech was not aimed at any of the Defendants in this case. Maybe so. But maybe not. Therein lies the danger of public comment by a prosecuting attorney,” his order noted further. “By including a reference to ‘so many others’ on the heels of Defendant Roman’s motion which instigated the entire controversy, the District Attorney left that question open for the public to consider.

Furthermore, McAfee stated,“The Court cannot find that this speech crossed the line to the point where the Defendants have been denied the opportunity for a fundamentally fair trial.” However, he noted that such public commentary was still legally improper and posed risks for the District Attorney.

Meanwhile, Democratic lawyer Julian Epstein criticized Willis for persisting on Trump’s election interference case during an interview on “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” suggesting that Willis should resign or recuse herself due to concerns over a potential conflict of interest.

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