Julianna Pena Plastic Surgery Leaks In Video

Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes were involved in a bloody and brutal fight in the headliner of the recently concluded UFC 277 pay-per-view. The fight gave the crowd plenty to cheer for over five violent rounds of action. While ‘The Venezuelan Vixen’ showed indomitable spirit despite being bloodied and bruised throughout the fight. But she lost the women’s bantamweight title via a lopsided unanimous decision. Nunes’ vicious counter-striking proved to be the difference between the ladies on the feet in the first three rounds. UFC President Dana White has now stated that Pena requires plastic surgery.



Dana White opens up on Julianna Pena

During the post-fight press conference, White claimed that Pena has a “big chunk missing from her forehead” and will require plastic surgery. ESPN‘s Marc Raimondi reported White’s comments through a post on Twitter that read:

“White: Julianna has a big chunk missing from her forehead. She’s going to see a plastic surgeon right now, … She got pretty banged up tonight.”

The Brazilian scored three knockdowns and clearly got the better of the striking exchanges. In the championship rounds, ‘The Lioness’ comfortably took her opponent down and bruise her with nasty elbow strikes. Pena did try to transition into armbars and triangles from full guard but failed. Nunes’ elbow strikes left nasty cuts on Pena’s forehead that saw her become a bloody mess in the final stages of the bout.

We will now have to see what is next for the both the female fighters.

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