July 15th – WWE’s 33rd SNME Show on NBC

* 1915 – Joe Stecher defeated Charlie Cutler for the World Heavyweight title



* 1983 – Ric Flair defeated David Von Erich in a tournament final for the Missouri State Heavyweight title

* 1986 – Outlaw Ron Bass defeted Kendal Windham for the Florida State Heavyweight title

* 1991 – Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller defeated the Barroom Brawlers for the USWA Tag Team title

* 1995 – ECW held it’s first annual Heatwave pay-per-view. The main event saw The Gangstas defeat The Public Enemy in a Steel Cage match.

* 1996 – Brickhouse Brown & Reggie B. Fine defeated Flex Kavana & Bart Sawyer for the USWA Tag Team title

* 2001 – The Boogie Knights defeated The Hit Squad for the USA Pro-Wrestling Tag Team Titles

* 2001 – Ken Sweeney defeated The Masked Maniac for the USA Pro-Wrestling U.S. Heavyweight Title

* 2002 – Vince McMahon introduces former rival, Eric Bischoff as the General Manager of RAW. Bischoff’s return was kept as a surprise to most everyone in WWE. The main event on RAW that night saw Brock Lesnar and Undertaker defeat Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam. Lesnar turned on Taker after their match and hit him with an F5.

* 2002 – John Zandig defeated Justice Pain for the Combat Zone World Heavyweight Title

* 2002 – Justice Pain defeated John Zandig for the Combat Zone World Heavyweight Title

* 2006 – WWE held their 33rd Saturday Night’s Main Event, drawing a 2.6 rating on NBC. The main event saw John Cena defeat WWE Champion Edge by DQ after Lita got involved.

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