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Jury finds in favor of CM Punk and Colt Cabana

CM Punk

After a week, the trial of CM Punk and Colt Cabana vs Chris Amaan has ended, with the jury siding with Punk and Cabana.

WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Chris Amaan sued Punk and Cabana for slander after a few episodes of Cabana’s podcast, “Art of Wrestling,” where CM Punk made some comments about Amaan and his condition during his last year with the company.

It was reported by¬†ESPN‘s Brett Okamoto that Punk and his wife April (AJ Lee) were seen hugging and crying following the jury’s decision.

Dr. Amaan was seeking +$4 million in damages, claiming that Punk’s comments damaged his career. Amaan claimed that he was harassed by fans, causing his relationships with various patients to sour, yet could not prove any damages that had been caused.

With the trial now behind him, CM Punk looks forward to UFC 225 where he’ll face off against Mike Jackson. UFC 225 takes place this Saturday in Chicago.

  • oppa

    In the beginning, they made a video showing what they felt was proof Punk was lying. They made it clear they were backing Dr. Amann all the way. They probably didn’t know that he violated HIPPA laws, and opened them up to a possible lawsuit from Punk. Even Booker T said on his show that Amann probably had some help paying for all of this, which could explain why Otunga was on RAW instead of Booker.

  • CC

    To be honest, WWE has kept its distance from this whole court case, I do not see anyone from their end saying anything.
    I think they knew Amaan was at fault and are letting him hang himself, that way it deflects from them.

  • No Duh

    His response, and the company’s, is already evident: Lesnar will break Punk’s reign on top. They did it Demolition, they did it to AJ Lee, they did it to Lesnar when he left and they put the title on Orton so Orton was now the youngest world champ. Pettiness is WWE’s middle name. Coming soon: Cena breaks Flair’s reign number of title reigns so that WWEs’s guy is the best ever.

  • oppa

    Can’t wait for HHH’s response to this.

  • No Duh

    …to the surprise of no one. Amaan should have his license revoked and have criminal charges brought against him for malpractice and medical neglect.