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Kaitlyn Speaks On Posing For Iron Man Magazine And Her WWE Departure

As noted, former WWE Diva Kaitlyn aka Celeste Braun will be on the cover of the April edition of Iron Man Magazine. Kaitlyn recently spoke with about being on the cover. Here are the highlights.

What does it mean for you to appear on the cover of the April issue of Iron Man Magazine?

It’s totally surreal. In every part of my life, I feel like I’ve had a lot of very successful moments. From being with WWE and winning the Divas Title, all of that stuff. I This particular moment is different and a little more meaningful for me. When I left WWE I was terrified, because I was walking away from an amazing career on TV and taking this leap of faith in my personal life. I was leaving my career behind and trusting that my husband was going to help me build this business I was dreaming of.

You know what I just realized? My photo shoot for this cover was on Jan. 8, which was the day that I left WWE. And so much has happened in those two years. It was really tough the first year after leaving the company; I was trying to make a name for myself in this fitness industry and in the clothing industry. Two years later, I find myself getting to be on the cover of a magazine because I’ve become somebody in the fitness industry and the clothing industry. I’ve built this new path and new career, which is in a completely direction from the career that I walked away from. It was a cool realization for me that I’ve made it. This is what I’ve been striving.

Speaking of your WWE days, you recently appeared on UpUpDownDown to show off your Sonic the Hedgehog 3 skills. What are those backstage visits like for you now, especially considering the success you’ve found in your post-WWE career?

When I left, I was on really good terms with everybody. I have a few friends who I’m still really close with. When I go there, it’s nothing but happiness. It feels good to come back and say I had an amazing career here. It’s part of why I am who I am, but I took everything I learned in my life here, and I turned it into something else, doing it on my own.

It was so much fun being on UpUpDownDown, because every time I go back there, it’s like nothing has changed. I still act like an idiot with my friends. It’s no secret that Big E and I are close friends. We have a joke that I’m the female version of him and vice versa.

Actually, when Raw was in Miami, they had a pay-per-view the night before, and E was traveling alone on that loop — the guys that he normally travels with were sleeping at home. He was in Boca, his hotel was 10 minutes from my house,so I picked him up and took him to the gym. We did a little reunion video on Instagram, and then I took him to our store, Boca Nutrition, which is right by the gym, and I hooked him up with all of our supplements. I took him home so he could go down to Raw, and I met up with him later to be on the show. The room we did it in was so hot. It was a death trap sauna. We were dripping sweat, which was both gross and hilarious.

You can read the entire interview here.