Kamala Harris Admits That Biden Melted Down At…

The aftermath of President Joe Biden’s shaky debate performance has sparked discussions and speculations within the Democratic Party, particularly around potential replacements on the ticket. While names like California Governor Gavin Newsom and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer trended as possible alternatives, Vice President Kamala Harris’s absence from these conversations surprised many, including her allies.



Despite frustrations among some of Harris’s supporters about her being overlooked, she has taken on the role of defending Biden publicly. Following the debate, Harris quickly acknowledged Biden’s poor performance and emphasized her role in projecting confidence as a leader of the party. She defended Biden’s record and capabilities while redirecting focus away from the debate’s shortcomings.

However, Harris’s allies are cautious about pushing for any change atop the ticket, understanding the potential turmoil such a move could cause within the party and the media. They recognize that any external advocacy for Harris could backfire, portraying her in a negative light. Moreover, Harris remains a formidable figure within the Democratic Party, with high name recognition and a built-in infrastructure from her current role as Vice President.

“She wanted to have an acknowledgment of what everybody was seeing,” one senior Harris aide said.

Despite challenges and internal frustrations, Harris’s strategy remains centered on maintaining unity within the party and positioning herself effectively for any future political developments. Her approach involves balancing defense of Biden with subtly showcasing her own leadership credentials, ensuring she remains a prominent figure in ongoing discussions about the party’s future.

“The president said himself that it was not his best performance. “I see Joe Biden when the cameras are on and the cameras are off, in the Oval Office negotiating bipartisan deals,” Harris said. “I see him in the Situation Room keeping our country safe, [and] on the world stage meeting with world leaders who often ask for his advice.”

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