Kamala Harris Hiring ‘White Man’ Vice President?

It has been noted that the allies of Kamala Harris are discussing the selection of a white man as her vice president as support for her taking over as the party’s presidential candidate grows via Yahoo.



Names such as governors Andy Beshear of Kentucky and North Carolina’s Roy Cooper have been suggested as the fallout from Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance shows no signs of abating.

On Thursday, Biden sparked fresh concern by saying that he was the first “black woman to serve with a black president” in a radio interview.

It is noted that he also made a confusing reference to there no longer being traffic on highways at an event celebrating the Fourth of July national holiday. A document reportedly written by unnamed “senior operatives within Democratic political institutions” has been circulating in Washington, according to CNN.

Titled “Unburdened by What Has Been: The Case for Kamala” — it lays out the case for Vice-President Harris stepping into the breach.

“There’s one path out of this mess, and it’s Kamala.

“Kamala Harris has the strongest claim to Democratic legitimacy.

“She is the only candidate who can take the reins right now, instead of in late August with less than three months left to go.”

The influential black Democratic congressman Jim Clyburn stated that he would support Harris should Biden were to stand down. Harris donors and backers of her nomination were reported to already be discussing potential vice-president picks.

The conversations were “based on the usual notion that the country’s prospective first black woman president would likely lean toward a white guy governor”, New York Magazine reported.

Besides, Mr Cooper and Mr Beshear, Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania was also suggested. Mr Beshear, 46, came to national recognition when he led Kentucky’s response to catastrophic flooding in 2021. He is popular in a state that has sent two Republicans to the senate.

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